Online Casino Software Random Number Generator

The events on the screen happen in a simple and instant way, but the sequence of the same within the software is slightly more complicated. The RNG is triggered when the event is set in motion with a click on the Deal or Spin button. The software generates a random number which is related to a particular event. For example, in blackjack a particular random number can be linked to the jack of spades. If the RNG generates the random number, the software will convert it by displaying the jack of spades.

The random number generation process is based on very complicated algorithms. If the process is conducted manually, each event should take at least hours if not days. It is only thanks to the high processing speeds available on the computer that these events occur in a split second. The algorithms used by software vendors undergo rigorous testing by agencies before being used. These tests are a requirement for licensing the software developer and the operator of the online casino.

These tests verify that the numbers generated by the RNG are truly random. The goal is twofold. The possibility, albeit distant, of predicting the outcome of a given event must be null. The basic idea in casino play is that subsequent events such as spins on a roulette wheel are independent. Past results have no bearing on subsequent ones. The second objective is to ensure that in the long run the probabilities of events are evenly distributed. Each card in a shuffle must have an equal chance of being drawn. The RNG runs for tens of thousands of results and the probabilities of distribution are checked.

In the case of European roulette, the RNG generates a random number between 1 and 37. The random number 1 must be linked to the number 1 on the wheel and so on. The random number 37 must be linked to 0. In the eight-deck blackjack variant, the RNG randomly arranges the numbers 1 through 416 into a matrix. The numbers 1 to 8 must be connected to the two of clubs and so on. The software has to take the matrix and extract the cards from it. Once the hand is completed, a new matrix is ​​created. In the game of craps, the RNG generates two numbers for the two dice rolled and each number ranges from 1 to 6.

Once the software and RNG have been tested and approved, the former is sealed. Neither the software provider nor any online casino operator operating under the software provider can tamper with the software. As an added precaution, the licensing authorities of online casinos insist that the RNG be checked periodically and on a random basis. Therefore, online casino players receive the guarantee that the games are fair and safe.

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